Producers and Growers...

...act based on facts, automate basic tasks

Real-Time Monitoring

Our cloud platform collects data through sensors as well as external data sources in real-time enabling you to be up-to-date regarding your plants at anytime.

Cultivation by Facts

Combine your expertise, already existing data and any available sensor measurements to optimize your cultivation efforts. Our alert system can even send ad-hoc messages and calls.

Intelligent Automation

Our flexible application interface can integrate and hence automate third party systems. Intelligent irrigation, security or glasshouse control are amongst possible use cases.

Garden Centers and Retailers...

...real-time data and active customer support, anytime and from anywhere

Wireless and Internet based System

No cables and no software - our system is 100% mobile and needs no setup or installation. Once the sensors are at the plant and start measuring data all you need is an internet browser.

Optimized Plant Care

Monitor plants in your shop or at your customer's home - Florja enables you to react real-time and control and optimize any needed activities - no more over-watering or name it.

Focussed Customer Support

With direct access to the customer and pro-active and trusted expert advice your customer support activities will reach a complete new dimension - customer satisfaction at its best!

Municipalities and Landscapers...

...schedules resources based on facts and forceast data

Efficient Resource Planing

Irrigation routes, pruning appointments, temperature or weather related assignments - any engagement can be very efficiently organized and even more important - prioritized.

High Customer Satisfaction

The fact that you can react real-time and very focused to possible arrising issues is an amazing opportunity to optimize care hence satisfy the customer.

Innovative Ideas and Services

Using real-time data from the sensors enriched with external information sources can open up a complete new dimension of horticultural ideas, practices and services.

Predictive Plant Production...

.....AI supported predictive models for plant growth

We are a project participant of the Operational Group "Predictive Plant Production" of the EU funding measure EIP Agri. Information about the project can be found on our project website. The project is supported by the ELER fund. Information on this can be found at